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Cutting-Edge Facilities

NCIT has a spacious library of over 20,000 books including textbooks, reference, research & project reports, and audio-visual materials.  Online access to international library networks and latest top journals, magazines, and newspapers is available. The library timing is 6:30am– 8:30pm, Sunday to Friday, for students to be able to do long study.


NCIT has a networked environment with a centrally located ICT – Information Communication Technology – Centre with uninterrupted internet connectivity and free WIFI. The College also has state-of-the- art computer labs to encourage e-learning and enhance computer skills so necessary in the contemporary knowledge socio-economy.


The College has a fine canteen for students and employees in its premises. At NCIT, the food and beverage including free drinking water quality is checked cautiously – periodically or randomly and physically or scientifically. We ensure that all food items are fresh, clean, nutritious, chemical or pest-free, and as affordable as feasible.

Virtual Classes & Conferences

NCIT provides Virtual Classes for lectures, assignments, tutorials & note taking. These help learning better through digital inputs & outputs and greatly reinforce classroom teaching & self-study. Conference halls facilitate organizing lectures and conferences that are regular events on the campus. The halls are equipped with the latest educational technology for webinars and online workshops.

Project Labs

NCIT has cutting edge labs for project work & research. Students can put their theoretical knowledge to use and learn to work independently. Modern equipment allows students to apply theory to function and to do research.