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Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA)
In this world of multiple challenges and opportunities in management, Pokhara University has introduced Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) as a very effective and demanding program. It is four-years long and worth 126 credit hours. Due to the emergence of knowledge, society has raised demand for the professionals who are capable in management and hence, NCIT is trying to fulfill this need.

In this context, this college, popularly known as NCIT, has decided to start management program in order to produce dedicated, qualified and competent manpower in the field of management. Standing on the firm ground of its quality education in both masters and bachelors level since 2001, NCIT has now launched BBA program. We hope to make this BBA program students capable to undertake professional career in banking, insurance, industries, real-estates, trading and in various sectors.


I.Com. or 10+2 (Management), or equivalent with 2nd division or above from University or boards recognized by Pokhara University.

Course Structure:

First Semester
Course Code Course Title
ENG 101.3 English I
MTH 101.3 Business Mathematics I
ACC 101.3 Financial Accounting I
MGT 101.3 Principles of Management
CMP 101.3 Computer Application

Second Semester
Course Code Course Title
ENG 102.3 English II
MTH 102.3 Business Mathematics II
ACC 102.3 Financial Accounting II
ECO 102.3 Microeconomics
CMP 102.3 Programming Language

Third Semester
Course Code Course Title
ENG 103.3 Business Communication
STT 101.3 Business Statistics
SOC 101.3 Sociology
ACC 103.3 Management Accounting
ECO 102.3 Macroeconomics

Fourth Semester
Course Code Course Title
LOG 101.3 Fundamentals of Logic
STT 102.3 Data Analysis and Modeling
PSY 101.3 Psychology
FIN 101.3    Finance I
RCH 101.3 Research Methodology
PRJ 101.3 Summer Project

Fifth Semester
Course Code Course Title
MGT 102.3 Organization Relations
MKT 101.3 Principles of Marketing
MIS 101.3 Management Information System
FIN 102.3 Finance II
MGT 113.3 Nepalese Business Environmenty

Sixth Semester
Course Code Course Title
MGT 103.3 Human Resource Management
MGT 105.3 Entrepreneurship
MGT 106.3 International Business
MGT 104.3 Operations Management
LAW 102.3 Business Law
INT 103.3 Internship

Seventh Semester
Course Code Course Title
MGT 111.3 Strategic Management I
……..3 Specialization I – 1st Paper
……..3 Specialization I – 2nd Paper
……..3 Specialization II – 1st Paper
……..3 Specialization II – 2nd Paper

Eighth Semester
Course Code Course Title
MGT 112.3 Strategic Management II
……..3 Specialization III – 1st Paper
……..3 Specialization III – 2nd Paper
……..3 Specialization IV – 1st Paper
……..3 Specialization IV – 2nd Paper