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MSc Computer Science

In order to produce high quality computer graduates who are able to take up teaching positions at various under-graduate and graduate levels, conduct research works related to computer science and also capable to work in IT industry, this M.Sc. in Computer Science course has been designed.


B.Sc. in Computer Science/Physics/Maths/Statistics at Bachelor of Engineering or equivalent (with minimum 2.0 CGPA or Second Division) from Universities recognized by Pokhara University.

Course Structure:

First Semester(15 credits)

SN Course Title
1 Discrete Structure
2 Advanced Problem Solving Technique
3 Object Oriented Software Engineering
4 Algorithmic Mathematics
5 Digital Logic and Computer Organization

Second Semester(15 credits)
SN Course Title
1 Theory of Computation
2 Advanced Computer Architecture
3 Distributed Operating System
4 Computer Graphics
5 Data Communication and Computer Network

Third Semester(15 credits)
SN Course Title
1 Distributed Database System
2 Principles of Programming Languages
3 Artificial Intelligence
4 Real-Time System
5 Elective-I

Fourth Semester(15 credits)

SN Course Title
1 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
2 Elective-II
3 Thesis/Dissertation
Total Credits : 60