NaSCoIT 2016 Published Papers

1. 3D Image Modelling using Uncalibrated Images
2.A Comparative Study of Stemming Algorithms for Nepali Language
3. Analysis of Document Clustering Using K-means Algorithm
4. Analysis of Link Popularity among the Nepal Governments’ Websites by using HITS Algorithm
5. Anomaly Detection from System Logs based on Spectral Method
6. Automatic Vehicular License Trial Monitoring System
7. Backpropagation Algorithm based DIDS for Distributed Attack
8. Big data And Google File System
9. Blue Brain
10. Blue Eyes Technology
11. Comparative Analysis of ERP Systems
12. DNS DDoS Detection using Traffic analysis
13. Edulaya - ICT for Knowledge Sharing and Management to Uplift the Educational Status in Rural Areas of Nepal
14.e-Education Components and Models of ICT in Education in Nepal with Knowledge Management
15. Flipped Classes New e-learning Object in Nepal and Perspective of Teachers
16. Hand Gesture Recognition Using sEMG
17. ICT Enhancing Embedded System for Water Level Monitoring of Household Tanks in Nepal
18. ICT for Disaster Management
19. ICT for Environment Environmental Information System
20. Integration of Cloud Computing and Internet of Things
21. Item-Based Collaborative Filtering Based on Popularity of Items Using Hadoop
22. Machine That Acts Like Human
23. Performance analysis of MLP, c4.5 and naïve bayes classification algorithms using income and iris datasets
24. Privacy and Security issues in IOT
25. Role of ICT in construction
26. Samjhana ICT Enabled System to Improve Medication Adherence Rate among Senior Citizen
27. SocialNepal a social networking platform for Nepal
28. Software Defined Network
29. Status of e-Waste in Nepal and its mitigating measures through ICT
30. Techniques of Image Mosaicing for Steganography
31. The impact of Software Defined Networking
32. Ubiquitous Computing - The Future of Computing
33. Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for ELearning in Context of Nepal
34. Verdant Recreation ICT for Smart Solid Waste Management
35. Video Conferencing in Education Using Tele-Presence_final
36. Vision based Non-contact Health Monitoring Estimation_Final
37. Wireless Detections in MIMO System
38. Intelligent RFID Reader Design for Internet of Things Applications–A Review